Cal Rawlings

Who are some of the best managers in the music industry? I’m sure names like Scooter Braun, Pat Corcoran and Dre London came to mind. To be mentioned amongst individuals like these is nothing shy of an honor, and the manager making it onto our page today will definitely be in that category before it’s all said and done. Hard work and dedication is the epitome of Cal Rawlings. The Burlington, Vermont native has wasted no time in becoming one of the industry’s most recognizable names all due to the spectacular work that he’s done with well-known collective, 99 Neighbors. To be able to identify talent is one thing, but to believe in it, develop up and continue to grow it into a household name is an accomplishment in itself.

Before they were 99 Neighbors, Cal knew the group as a bunch of talented kids his age who would put on stellar shows at local bars and venues. Sensing the talent from early on, Cal stayed close and supported until he offered to take care of all of the business oriented responsibilities. This naturally evolved into him becoming their manager; a move that has proven to be nothing but beneficial to the rising stars. When you pair Cal’s business savvy nature with his innate passion for music, you get someone who is able to take an act from point a to point b with total efficiency.

“Work in silence, let your success speak for you.” is the mantra that guides Cal which is extremely fitting since he is not the flashiest guy you’ll ever meet, but rather someone who just keeps his head down and works for those he believes in. There are not enough kind words to encapsulate all who Cal is, but we pray this article is your first step to getting to know the impressive industry gem who will become a legend soon enough. Make sure to connect with Cal on instagram to follow his journey!



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