Dylan Bourne

What started as a high school hobby burning mixtapes for his friends and family, has now evolved into the industry leading force of A&R, manager, and music industry creative, Dylan Bourne. With exceptional experience at Black Box, The Darkroom, starting his company named Bourne Creatives, and managing the artists DWLLRS, Christian Paul and kmoe, Dylan has become one of the most influential, yet humble, servants to artists and their music. Initially in school for PR and advertising, Dylan became intensely intrigued by the challenge of finding an audience for brands and products, but tailored this mental infrastructure toward his life’s passion; music. As the guest curator for volume 18, he cultivates a collection of artists who place themselves in the pockets of music’s most unique. 

A consumer turned tastemaker, Dylan Bourne has always been obsessed with music. With his starting point for discovering new music the furthest from the data, his musical compass points to the level of artists who possess intrinsic and authentic value. Noting that we’re past the age of constructed artists with manufactured images and sounds, Dylan emphasizes that this generation of listeners will sniff out the ingenuity in a second. Offering a unique perspective while simultaneously crafting compelling art is what Dylan identifies as essential when scouting artists.

Striving for the utmost success in his personal and professional life, Dylan Bourne focuses on the number of lives he helps and relationships he builds, opposed to the number of streams. Someone this passionate about music who pours endlessly into this creative atmosphere is rare, and his volume of early finds, even more extraordinary.


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In a beaming array of pop, rock, and electric-infused melodies, Dylan reintroduces her style with her latest release, "You're Not Harry Styles."...
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