Jenna Singer

“Why not you?”: a small question that had an undeniably large impact on Jenna Singer. As a senior in college, the LA native was juggling both work and school when a mentor posed this question regarding her passion for music. A brief moment of encouragement was all Jenna needed to begin transforming her interest in music into a thriving career.

I recently got the chance to pick the brain of this exuberant 25-year-old to learn a bit more about her journey within the industry. As Jenna explained to me, there are two sides to music: the live side and the more music-centric side. During college, Jenna interned in event production and special event sales, gaining helpful experience in live music. But it was her next role as Artist Coordinator at Ones to Watch that cemented her path within the industry.

Jenna “created her own role” at Ones to Watch, doing everything from hiring teams to managing budgets to A&R. Combining her willingness to learn with her fierce adaptability, Jenna mastered the ins and outs of the realm of live music. At Ones to Watch, she also stumbled upon alternative-indie artist Huron John, and found herself managing the now well-known talent. 

Today, Jenna is delving into the other (more music-focused) side of the industry in her role as an A&R Coordinator at Interscope Records. Since starting this position in February, Jenna’s enjoyed expanding her breadth of industry knowledge and working more hands-on with artists. Although she enjoys a variety of music, Jenna is currently listening to artists like Kacey Musgraves, Mazie, and, of course, Huron John.

This ambitious individual is paving her way in a male-dominated industry, consistently bringing her confidence and poise to any situation. As a woman, Jenna knows that she has to “own it” in any room she enters. When asked her advice for those aspiring to work in the industry, Jenna stressed that you should “invest your time creating friendships, not just work relationships.” In a competitive industry that can be difficult to navigate, Jenna will surely continue making waves with her positive demeanor and relentless work ethic, no matter what room she is in.


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