Mike Ryan

At 23 years old, Mike Ryan is making quite the name for himself in the music industry. Originally pursuing a degree in Journalism, Ryan’s ideals pivoted after gaining exposure in the musical atmosphere. After becoming involved with internships at record labels, he recognized his love for the music business. Graduating from the esteemed Syracuse University, Ryan now works as an A&R at Republic Records while managing the scintillating artist, Rence. With unfaltering drive and passion, he exceeds at his job, as well as assisting others in having their wildest dreams come to fruition. 

A pivotal moment for Ryan was working with Rence on his EP, “Pink.” He describes it as “a time before [he] knew anyone or anything.” Diving in head first to uncharted waters, they worked diligently, and out came the treasure that is “Pink.” With an industrious work ethic, and a willingness to assist and advise others, we are delighted to welcome Mike Ryan as a Guest Curator for Early Rising.


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