Nate Fisher

One of the most dedicated individuals we’ve gotten the opportunity to work with, Nate Fisher exemplifies the word passionate.  Attending Emory University in Atlanta, GA, the 22 year-old was immersed in the rap and hip-hop scene where he got his early industry experience. Opting to skip all of his finals to work on Schoolboy Q’s album rollout week in Los Angeles in April of 2019, it’s no surprise that he’s making it onto our page. Nate found his calling as someone who is always looking to grow and to help out his peers, a true community builder. Inspired by the moments that capture the essence of why music is so powerful, he sites Frank Ocean’s “Nights” and Playboi Carti/Lil Uzi Vert’s “Shoota” as big music moments that led him to pursue, believe in, and champion the creative process.  

Now living in Los Angeles, Nate pours everything into discovering new talent with his team at RCA.   For the future, Nate plans to stay focused on his goals with his role at RCA, with the ultimate vision to become the best person to serve the artist community and advance the state of music. While music itself is a strong drive and passion, it’s the innate socialization of the music industry that feeds Nate too.  Friends, clients, collaborators, competitors, coworkers – it’s all the same group of good people working to make good things together. With the mantra, “Happiness does not come from doing the easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a task that demanded our best,” to guide him, we’re excited to see where Nate goes in his career. Make sure to follow Nate on instagram to keep up with everything that he’s doing!


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