If you aren’t familiar with him already, rapper Zack Cokas is catching the eyes and ears of many after the release of his latest project ‘Pablo’. Following a myriad of head bopping singles over the last two years, Zack Cokas recently dropped his debut album in August 2020. With 8 songs featuring hard-knocking drums and soul-stirring melodies, the album is a display of Cokas’ captivating lyricism and word-play. Introducing a more intimate vibe than much of his previous music, Cokas calls attention to a variety of topics including his own journey in becoming an artist, grappling with mental health and navigating relationships. He portrays his humanity through meaningful and emotionally driven bars, expressing feelings and thoughts that many of us can resonate with. While taking inspiration from artists like J Cole, Kanye West and others, Cokas has undeniably begun to forge his own authentic sound and identity.

A true renaissance man, not only is Cokas killing the rap game, he is a brilliant artist. Before becoming passionate about music, Cokas grew up with a talent and passion for art. He received a scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design and attended for a period of time before transferring to North Carolina State back in his hometown of Raleigh. Unlike many musicians who have their album art created for them, the cover art for ‘Pablo’ is actually an acrylic painting created by Cokas’ himself.

At only 21 years old, the North Carolina native has only begun to scratch the surface of his potential as an artist. For music lovers that appreciate complex lyricism and clever word play, Zack Cokas is certainly one to check out. As a fan myself, I am excited to see him continue to grow and evolve in the future.


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