Planttvibes / Exoplanet

Bay Area artist Planttvibes, AKA Julia Bozzo, embodies everything that I love about bedroom pop. This genre is ruled by the youth, like this 19-year-old singer-songwriter, who pairs imperfect lo-fi production with highly self-referential lyrics to create intimate, yet relatable music. Over the last few years, Planttvibes has been quietly putting her own spin on this DIY-genre. Her latest release, “Exoplanet,” is a dreamy tune that transports listeners to an otherworldly bedroom pop paradise.

“Exoplanet” highlights Planttvibes’ vocal chops, as her honeyed tone enchants listeners, drawing them into an angelic soundscape. Planttvibes explained to me that “Exoplanet” took two years to complete, as she initially fell into a bit of a rut when approaching the vocals. Eventually, she found much-needed inspiration while recording a cover of Grimes’ “Oblivion,” and was able to tie up the loose ends of the track. The result is an ethereal vibe and silky smooth vocals that lend to a mesmerizing offering.

“Exoplanet” tells the story of growing apart from someone, whether romantically or otherwise, and being “strangely okay with it.” According to Planttvibes, an exoplanet is a planet that exists outside of a solar system. Employing this cosmic metaphor throughout, “Exoplanet” cleverly discusses a “person who is now outside of your world.”

Planttvibes has come a long way from her beginnings making SoundCloud covers in middle school with a “janky” setup that included an iPad, GarageBand, and an Apple earbud microphone. “Exoplanet” displays her growing musical maturity, as it brings about a euphoric mood, urging listeners into a dreamlike state. Give the track a listen below, and let us know what you think about it!


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