Lucca Dohr / Norwich

Lucca Dohr’s recent release Norwich presents two indie-alternative tracks encapsulating feelings of teenage angst in a notably mature manner. Norwich provides insight into Lucca’s “external and internal realities over the past couple of surreal months,” exploring the influence of his suburban environment and the emotions that molded him into the person he is today.

In the first track, “Alexa,” Lucca speaks about the frustrations surrounding an uncertain relationship and the ensuing struggle to accept this state of apprehension. “Alexa” is particularly alt-rock forward, relying heavily on the pulse of traditional instrumentation to communicate a feeling of uneasiness. “Loosh98” follows up the first track, easing the listener with a mellifluous acoustic sound that is amplified by an orchestral backdrop. This track relays Lucca’s progress in opening up emotionally and navigating his newfound vulnerability. Norwich brings listeners on a brief journey, shifting from an angsty ballad to a more somber, reflective piece.

Today, Lucca released the spellbinding visual project behind Norwich, accompanied by a new introduction. In the first segment of this three-part project, jolting imagery complements the wandering sonic elements, vacillating from close-ups of Lucca to snippets of his suburban milieu. “Loosh98’s” visuals remind the viewer of old school videography, as the video further evokes an overarching sense of adolescent angst. The engrossing visual project creatively elaborates upon Lucca’s songs, allowing the viewer to take a trip into the mind and imagination of Lucca Dohr. Take a peek at the videos below, and see what you think about this intriguing visual project.


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