Michael Ehrlich

Meet Michael Ehrlich, the 26-year-old manager from Tenafly, New Jersey who is changing the way that we listen to music.  Everyone who he works with is a part of his family, which is one of the main reasons he is so drawn towards working in and around music.  Aside from live shows and seeing how an artists’ music can have such a lasting effect on fans, Michael’s favorite part about working in music is the ability to meet new people on a daily basis and continuously grow and strengthen his network of friends.

Alongside, Joey Papoutsis, Peter Rugo, Matt Carluccci, and Mathew Hyun of Keel Management, Michael grew his roster to include artists, producers, and writers like Two Feet, Danny Majic, Andrew Luce, YOG$, Public Library Commute, and GARZI.  Although every artist is different, one quality that all of these individuals share is that they all strive to remain humble, keep their head down, and continue to grow and move forward with their craft.  Part of this quality revolves around Michael’s encouragement to celebrate every win, and to not focus on what anyone else is doing.  

Right now, Michael is working on releasing Two Feet’s forthcoming album which kicked off with “Think I’m Crazy” last week.  On the production side, his producer roster is working with some of the most diverse and talented artists in the industry right now.  There is definitely some heat coming from those guys in the near future.

When all is said and done, the lasting impression Michael left on me is that good business goes a long way and that it is imperative to stick up for your clients.  He operates his business based on a philosophy that focuses on being a good person and doing good business before he reaps the rewards of his job.


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