Jacob Daley / Couple Rounds

The DMV is one of the most underrated rap scenes in the US, pumping out some of the most unique and forward-thinking hip-hop in the game.  With powerhouses like Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, and Texas fortifying their signature sounds, DMV rappers are silently working, creating a vibey, genre-blending sound that transcends from hip-hop to something brand new.

This sense of style and individuality could not be more evident in Jacob Daley’s records.  The 19-year-old Bethesda, Maryland native is no stranger to infusing his personal perspective into his music.  When he was thirteen, Jacob started writing and recording with a few close friends bound by a shared passion for hip hop.  Inspired by the likes of Kid Cudi and Tyler The Creator, Jacob learned that pushing boundaries and people’s expectations while remaining true to himself was not only attainable, but his path that he would follow into the future.

His newest single, “Couple Rounds” is the perfect soundtrack for your sunny saturday or long commute home.  The production is groovy, reminding me of something off of Flower Boy with some of that DMV flare injected into it.  Producer Cam Smith hit the nail on the head with this one, finding the perfect distortions to take Jacob’s lyricism to a whole new level.

Jacob’s lyrics are in the spotlight on “Couple Rounds,” as his cadence weaves in and out as his purpose remains clear: to showcase different sides of himself as an artist and always keep the listener guessing. Turning heads left and right, “Couple Rounds” is one of those songs that will elevate any mood and jumpstart any day.


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