Birry / I Won’t Be Going Trick Or Treating This Year

Birry is a 15-year-old multi-instrumentalist and former kid YouTuber whose story is just as charming as his music is. Originally from Minnesota, Billy Shao spent part of his 2010s living in Korea where he acquired the nickname, and now stage name, Birry. In Korea Birry dipped his toes in the YouTube waters, creating satirical videos featuring his friends, the saxophone, and the kazoo. These comical videos won him a bit of a YouTube following and also helped familiarize Birry with different music softwares.

Fast forward to today, and Birry is now releasing music of his own inspired by indie pop sensations like Cavetown, Surfaces, and Rex Orange County. Birry’s most recent release “I Won’t Be Going Trick Or Treating This Year” is a lovely bedroom pop tune that centers on the themes of growing up and the fear of missing out. Birry wrote the song a year ago but didn’t finish up the track until meeting now-friend Allie Rubin, in true Gen Z fashion, on a “friend-making” app. After taking a hiatus from his YouTube channel, Birry recently returned to his subscribers with a “treat instead of a trick” in the form of this track’s music video.

“I Won’t Be Going Trick Or Treating This Year” reflects on the bittersweet concept of growing older and leaving behind pieces of our childhood. This endearing track showcases the gentle strumming of acoustic guitar accompanied by cursive, almost sighing background vocals. I appreciate the song’s simple production, as it allows the expressive vocals and quirky lyrics to take center stage. I’m super excited by what Birry has accomplished at only 15, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Please take some time out of your day and listen to this “sweet treat” by Birry, which I’ve attached below.

(For those wondering, Birry admitted that in the end, he did go trick-or-treating last year after all.)


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