Brevin Kim / no less than three

Brevin Kim is made up of Callin (Cal) and Brendan (Bren) Paulhus, two brothers from Massachusetts who started making music together in 2015. They both began as rappers, but have since ventured into new musical depths. Their music is probably unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, incorporating manufactured tracks that are as bold as they are intense. They use distortion, reverb, and auto-tune to create futuristic, larger-than life feelings that can captivate any listener. Their use of atypical sampling and powerful bass lines creates a distinctive sound that makes you want to listen again and again. Brevin Kim has managed to make a big splash in the industry with their abnormal, groundbreaking style at a very early stage in their career.

Their newest album “no less than three” is their most ambitious project yet. It’s impossible to pinpoint where their music lives… some songs are slower and feature emotional vocal takes while others are more production focused. Their music is hard to describe, but that’s what makes them so special. Songs like “exhausted” and “i need water” will make you want to run through a brick wall, whereas songs like “Manzanita St.” and “he doesn’t love her” provide insight into Brendan and Callin’s vocal ranges and their skillful delivery. They are able to explore a full range of emotions through a combination of intimate moments and an aggressive production style.

Brevin Kim is one of those artists you can’t get enough of. I can assure you that every future release will be up to par with the last. Stay tuned on Early Rising for future releases of these soon to be breakout stars!


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