Huck & Renelle / Moonwalker

If you’re looking for amazing vibes on this Friday, Huck and Renelle have managed to create one of the grooviest track that you’ll listen to all week. Before today, I had never heard of Huck, but from now on, his music is going to be integrated into my various weekly playlists. Getting put on to music is always a treat when it ends up being better than you could even expect. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, John Wolfe has always been an accomplished musician and is now truly receiving the notoriety that he deserves. Just today, the stellar talent decided to drop a brand new song that will take your breath away. Enlisting help from singer Renelle, the two brought forth an amazing offering called “Moonwalker”. From start to finish, this song will change your entire mood and uplift your spirits. In a time where the future is definitely uncertain, this song will make sure to give off nothing but positive vibes in the best way ever and take your mind off of any negativity that may persist in your life.

The best songs are the mood changing songs and “Moonwalker” is just that. You need to listen to this. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so check this one out ASAP and stay up to date with all things Huck!


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