YOZA / We’ll Be Good

“I ain’t trippin over nothing because I know in the end I’ll be good.”  This is much more than a lyric to me,  it’s essentially my guiding principle.  But I’m starting to learn that this motto is much more than a motto… It is a lifestyle-defining phrase that YOZA explores in his newest offering, “I’ll Be Good.” 

20-year-old Dallas, Texas native, YOZA, is a rising R&B artist who recently blew up on TikTok and then leveraged his following on the platform to grow his audience as a musician.  He released back-to-back records these past two weeks and they’re some of my favorites right now.  Unlike most musicians pumping out new music every week, YOZA is finding a way to connect with his audience on a much deeper level than other artists.  From melodic productions to his effortless vocals, this is an artist who is breaking through the mold and creating a sound unique to himself.

This week, YOZA dropped, “I’ll Be Good,” a feelgood track that motivates you to go out and live your life without worry of repercussions.  His vocals are the focal point of this record, breathing a breath of fresh air into a space saturated with production-heavy songs.  I don’t know him personally, but I can tell that YOZA is someone who actively tries to go against the grain and challenge dominant perspectives.  This individualistic spirit could not be more evident in “I’ll Be Good” and it shines as both the inspiration behind the song and the feeling listeners have as the song starts to wind down.

I’m going to have this on repeat all week and I think it would be a good decision for you too.  Sit back, press play, and enjoy the music!


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