Kristin Robinson

Meet Kristin Robinson, a 23-year-old gem from Fort Worth, Texas who is soon to become one of the prominent voices in music. I personally got the chance to meet Kristin over the phone right when the entire Corona-Virus pandemic started and I was instantly inspired by her obvious ambition and extensive understanding of the music industry. When you meet someone new, its very easy to come up with an assumption within the first minute of speaking, and from the moment I began speaking to Kristin, it was apparent that she possessed a certain charisma and determination that will take her far in this industry. At the age of 23, what she has accomplished in a short time should be motivation for anyone out there to chase their dreams without giving up.

As an artist and musician herself, Kristin has used her love and respect for the art form as the driving factor behind everything she does in and for music. After graduating from the University of Southern California, the Los Angeles resident quickly found herself landing a full-time gig at 10K Projects where she now works as a Junior Publicist and gets to serve a plethora of artists in a way that is nothing shy of fulfilling; On top of her day job, she also works as a freelance journalist, citing one of her biggest goals as one day having a music platform as amazing and impactful as Zane Lowe.

Because of her close involvement in all things music, Kristin has her ear on everything new and plays a huge role in making sure the right stuff is being heard and seen by the right people. With a position that can sometimes go unnoticed like PR, it is very evident that Kristin is blazing a trail of her own that is fueled by her love for music and heart to help out in anyway that she can. It is our honor to have such a passionate and hardworking individual on our page today, and we’re so excited to see all of the amazing accomplishments that are inevitably coming her way. 

Make sure you stay tuned this Sunday, 11/15 to check out Kristin’s picks for Early Rising Volume 31! 


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