bloody white / i’m busy

Buzzing, raw, and intoxicating: three words to attempt to describe the multifaceted sound of bloody white’s recent release “i’m busy.” The enigmatic anti-pop artist has been hard at work all year, consistently releasing tracks for listeners old and new. The latest offering in bloody white’s long line of 2020 tunes commands attention from the get-go, hypnotizing listeners into a genre-bending musical world that bloody white so assuredly brings to life time and time again.

The 20-year-old Santa Barbara native is able to conjure up such a rich, effervescent soundscape in “i’m busy” by merging both lo-fi and future bass elements. Reverberating synths and vinyl crackles greet the listener in the introduction, soon joined by bloody white’s cool, calm, and collected vocals. “i’m busy” ultimately crescendos into an anthemic chorus that invigorates the listener, rounding out the melodic journey and allowing the controlled explosion to be reeled back in afterwards. 

Even though bloody white successfully maintains a persona steeped in mystery, there’s nothing but relatability when it comes to the lyrical story of “i’m busy.” The track portrays bloody white’s distress upon realizing he’s being ignored, used, and curved by a significant other. This sense of dejection is conveyed not only lyrically, but also through his casually matter-of-fact vocal style on the track.

Using nothing but a laptop and a midi keyboard, bloody white once again thoroughly impressed me with his ability to create an intricate offering with only a limited DIY set-up. If “i’m busy” is at all indicative of bloody white’s future stylistic direction, I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us on his upcoming EP titled some reflections. Give the track a listen below, and let us know what you think!


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