j solomon / Winnebago Baby

Singer-songwriter j solomon, AKA Jesse Moldovsky, finds a way for his indie-rock influences and ambient folk roots to coalesce in his recent release “Winnebago Baby.” The nostalgia-filled track synthesizes makeshift home studio recordings of 6 different collaborators, bringing together musical bits and pieces from j solomon and his friends. 

The 20-year-old explained that he is “in the process of finding a middle ground of keeping some of the ideas of folk music in an indie rock landscape.” j solomon pulls inspiration from his surroundings, whether it be the dynamics of city life in NYC or the happenings of farm life in his native Pennsylvania. His “indie with tints of rock and folk” style emerged from the intermingling of these geographical influences, with Philadelphia lending to a folkier sound and NYC bringing in the indie influence. “Winnebago Baby” successfully embodies this junction of genres, incorporating elements of both to create the lovely finished product. 

Surprisingly enough, when j solomon set out to write the track he actually intended for it to be a catchy pop song. However, “Winnebago Baby” transformed into the sentimental, slow-paced offering that it is when the time signature changed and the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. The only thing j solomon succeeded in doing from his original goal was creating a catchy song; “Winnebago Baby” has been playing in my head on repeat for days.

j solomon’s “Winnebago Baby” inspires a definitely-there but hard-to-describe mood. The plaintive cries of the trumpet heard throughout combined with j solomon’s wistful vocals build up a pensive soundscape that is sure to stir your feelings. “Winnebago Baby” makes me want to sit on a porch swing and stare out into the distance longingly. Or maybe light a bunch of candles and sip on a cup of hot tea. Or maybe a snippet of j solomon’s Spotify bio describes it best: “music for driving your second hand car in the pouring rain on the way to a likely haunted cabin in a pine tree forest.” Just listen to the song below, and I think you’ll see what I mean.


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