44Phantom / all figured out

The other day I was digging through Spotify looking for something – anything really – that would catch my attention. I wanted to be moved by something. That’s when I clicked on a song called “all figured out” by 44Phantom. I listened through once and that was all it took…I was hooked immediately. The soft vocals whisper an ode to those who have loved and lost and the luscious guitar melody that opens the record glides seamlessly through the entirety of the song. 44Phantom, the 19-year-old Seattle based musician, emerged in early 2020 before catching some attention with the release of his previous single “let’s be friends” which landed him on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist – 44Phantom immediately followed up with “all figured out” and needless to say he absolutely crushed it. 

The song is about accepting that a person you once cared deeply about has moved on. While the concept is a story as old as time, 44Phantom took me right back to my first heartbreak. Listening to this song was like stepping into a time machine, not because of nostalgia but the power of the lyrics took me to a time when I learned a powerful lesson in letting go. The simplicity of the song does exactly what it needs to do, it doesn’t overwhelm, it speaks to the listener and tells a story that so many of us have experienced in our own way. 

With influences like Kurt Cobain and Bob Dylan, 44Phantom has found this beautiful blend of grunge, indie-pop and singer/songwriter that results in deep lyricism, catchy string picked melodies, and compelling storytelling. Coinciding with this beautiful single is a music video which captures the world of the song perfectly. Make sure to get hip to 44Phantom, 2021 is set to be a big year for him and I personally cannot wait for what’s to come. Check out all things 44Phantom via the links below. xx


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