Grandma / “Chills”

Grandma. One of the budding voices in the alt music space is indistinguishable in name from your favorite 80-year-old family member. In the same way we have seen innovative acts taking their stage names to new places, Grandma offers a new take on the unexpected. With a unique style, flowing hair, and insane visuals, Grandma’s name will quickly become household. Either way, you probably haven’t seen your grandparents in months, so it’s a good time to start filling the void with Atlanta’s newest rising star (as if the city needed another). 

The young musician is versatile, exciting, and most importantly extremely fresh. Grandma is a true modem artist, working as a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and innovator, Grandma has been popping up on playlists and turning ears. His most recent performance on his single, “Chills”, is everything you could want in a track rollout. The track is groovy, rebellious, and most importantly a lot of fun. If you weren’t intrigued already, his instagram bio lets you know, this music “is for hot people” so you may want to get in on it.

The track as a whole covers an insane spectrum of sounds, with a vocal delivery that is fresh and ominous, buzzing synths, and great structure, “Chills” captures vast amounts of energy. Grandma places every ounce of himself into the vocal and it is complimented by some serious flanging effects. With conviction, strength, grit, and power, Grandma is unapologetic and uncut with each line. From the first second the vocal enters the track, I was overcome with a sense of coolness that only a modern anthem can really bring forward. With a special passion and thudding drums steadily beating away, “Chill” makes me want to lead a revolution.

In the lyric, Grandma alludes to the likes of the famed Princess Diana in the first verse, prior to entering the track’s hypnotic chorus, echoing “You’ve got to learn to chill / Cause you’ve been giving me chills.” Each verse highlights a new pop culture icon, from Princess Diana to Allen Ginsburg to Joanna Moore, all who passed in his birth year of 1997. From toying with the idea of reincarnation to bringing forward a hypnotically catchy chorus, the track seems to check off all the boxes for a modern psychedelic anthem. 

Visually, Grandma and directors Diego Friete and Angel Romero bring forward a wavey, exciting, and eye-pleasing music video. Taking on the look of all three of these icons, Grandma peers through a window in a bride’s veil, leads protests in a fake beard, and falls victim to an overdose. Through it all, each shot is a brief glimpse into a fever dream of gorgeous color and absurdity. With comicbook level grain, various moments of pop art, and a story to follow along the way, the visual team perfectly creates a world of psychedelic wonder.

Grandma’s success comes with no surprise and this track is a simple precursor to a much bigger year to come. He has the look, the sound, and the ingenuity, to be a modern tastemaker, reviving the groove of decades past and welcoming in modern production hits. Grandma is creating a world of his own and it is so very beautiful. Tune in and check out his new track, “Chills” and get hip to the new wave. 


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