Smmr Cmp / Boy

LA-based duo Smmr Cmp’s debut single “Boy” introduces listeners to the group’s honest lyricism and delightfully laid-back vibe. The indie pop two-piece is comprised of producer/singer Andrew Perrea and lyricist Lee Fisher who met while studying music at USC. Brought together by a mutual love of “lowkey pop” and catalyzed by quarantine, the pair formed Smmr Cmp and combined efforts to put forth their first single “Boy.” Despite their newness as a duo, Smmr Cmp demonstrates a clearly defined musical vision and an accompanying world of potential in “Boy.”

When asked about the name Smmr Cmp, the duo explained that “Smmr Cmp isn’t just a name to us, it’s this place where you get away from life — to have fun, grow up, and have a little heartbreak too.” I definitely think “Boy” is a welcome escape from the reality that is 2020.

“Boy” is a shimmery bedroom pop tune inspired by looking for love in quarantine. Earlier in the year, Perrea passed the time by distracting himself on Tinder. Using a dead-end conversation and a sprinkle of perspective, Perrea imagined what the girl on the other side of the screen might be thinking. “Boy” is the result of this very Gen Z story of searching for love.

Smmr Cmp explained that much of the music they enjoy possesses a quality they describe as “waviness.” With its dreamy vocals and charming bedroom pop soundscape, “Boy” definitely encapsulates this characteristic. Take some time out of your day and listen to “Boy” by Smmr Cmp below!


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