Hadji Gaviota / GUIDO/MISS KARMA

25-year-old artist, Hadji Gaviota, just released his eighth single of 2020 to all streaming platforms. “GUIDO/MISS KARMA” is another layer of the onion that we get to peel back as we dive deeper into his discography and learn more about the artist from Queens.

The use of autotune, upbeat drums, and playful guitar riffs in the first half and then smoothly transitioning into a more somber, acoustic second part of the song creates an emotional soundscape that is quick to pick you up and slow to put you down.

Hadji is in a lane of his own when it comes to creating music and classifies it as “left-handed music”. He originally came up with this genre for his music “because it puts weird little twists on things we already know and love”, and the other reason, you may have guessed, is because he is left-handed.

“GUIDO/MISS KARMA” is a great addition to your December playlist and is the last drop before his visual album, PURGATORY, releases on December 15th . If you want to feel energized and ready for the day, give this a listen.


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