Shawn Matthews / Next To Me

Shawn Matthews made his Early Rising debut a couple of months back for the release of his song, “Wanna Be”. My fellow writer, Meghan Brianna unearthed the spectacular song and ever since hearing it, I’ve become a personal fan of this up and coming artist. To drop a single as good as “Wanna Be” was already impressive, but today, Shawn returns to our page with a song that’s just as great if not better than what put him on our radar.

His latest offering is a track called, “Next To Me” and I can’t stress how much of a blessing it is. From the moment you start this one, Shawn wastes no time in ushering in an infectious ambience due to the dynamic production that’s present all throughout the verses. What I love most about Shawn is his vocal tone. The Pennsylvania based artist is just easy to listen to which always makes it an enjoyable experience when you spin one of his tunes. “Next To Me” is catchy in nature but intentional with the lyrical content. Throughout the song, Shawn sings to a lover in hopes of making the title of the song a reality. Ever since I gave this one a listen, I haven’t been able to get it our of my head and I’m certainly not mad about that whatsoever.

Already in 2020, Shawn Matthews has managed to turn our heads twice, which means that the bar is set high for him in 2021. Regardless though, if the young artist continues to put out music like this, I see nothing stopping him from growing in popularity. I’ve taken the time to attach the Spotify link down below, so make sure you stream, “Next To Me” and let us know what you think!


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