Je$$e / Barbie

One of my favorite emo rap / bedroom pop artists to come out of 2020 is without a doubt the North-East Ohio native, Je$$e. After wiping all of his music from streaming platforms to start fresh, Je$$e has quickly been building a following entirely independently with notable support from YouTube channels such as Promoting Sounds and Soul Serum. His latest offering released back in November, Barbie, is a song that forces you to pause whatever you’re doing and listen in. Combining sad guitar strums with trap drums, Je$$e melodically flows over this record with a chorus so catchy it gets locked in your head from the very first hook.

Not only is the song itself incredibly engaging, but the video that accompanies it is brilliant. The music video, directed by Soul Serum Creative Director, John Buchanan, employs the use of lifesize animated Barbies that fit the song so perfectly you just can’t help but laugh. Seriously, go watch it. The green screen graphics in this thing are truly something special for a music video like this. I’m really excited to hear what Je$$e has in store for his fans in 2021; I certainly don’t want to miss out. Enjoy Barbie below 🙂


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