Premiere: Daniel Price / Mirrored Youth

From the moment we caught wind of Daniel Price last year, the Early Rising platform has served as the proud home of support for the up and coming artist who is taking huge strides in becoming someone to look out for in this much anticipated New Year of music. His debut song, “Dayjob” left a lot of us speechless back in 2019, and today the up and comer is resurfacing for the release of a body of work called “Mirrored Youth” that will solidify your belief in Daniel Price.

The 6 song project featuring 5 completely new ones is a breath of fresh air for anyone who is trying to finish their week on a high note. Daniel’s innate talent was one of the first aspects of his artistry that that made us believers. His natural skill is something that separates him from a lot of emerging talent and this new project is the perfect introduction to someone who we’ll be hearing about for a long time. On top of the “Mirrored Youth” release, Daniel also released a visual for his stellar song “3100” which we have the honor of premiering on our website and instagram today. 

The home-video-esque presentation will tug on your heartstrings as we get to watch Daniel grow up right before our eyes with his serenading vocals in the background. An unbelievably well put together piece, this whole entire project by Daniel Price  gives me inexplicable hope for music in 2021. I’ve taken the time to attach the SC link down below as well as a link to watch his brand new visualizer for “31000”! Enjoy!


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