Devan Garcia / Poison Ivy

Something I’ve been consistently drawn to and seemingly unable to escape lately is the musical movement towards genre fluidity. Devan Garcia is yet another artist who deftly fuses together influences from various genres to form what he calls “melting pop.” Garcia gains creative inspiration from simple occurrences in day-to-day life, which he describes as the “in-between moments that we often overlook.” By merging his various influences like Smino, John Mayer, and Beck, Garcia is able to create a “transient sonic experience,” which is undeniably enjoyable to experience as a listener. His latest release “Poison Ivy” is a perfect representation of this blending of different genres into one cohesive and delightful sound.

“Poison Ivy” was an emotional outpouring after a failed relationship of Garcia’s. In the track, he details the agony of a one-sided relationship in which Garcia gave all of himself and got back “little to nothing in return.” This sentiment, albeit painful, is one that I can definitely relate to. “Poison Ivy” is a straightforward showcase of Garcia’s vocal ability, as the song highlights the artist’s pure voice and beautifully airy vocal harmonies. In all, the undulating soundscape accompanying Garcia’s vocals brings to fruition the aforementioned transient sonic experience.

Garcia explained to me that he is guided by intuition, and that he believes humans are the higher power and a gift to the planet. I cannot help but to love Garcia’s attitude towards life and his take on music. Get a taste of Garcia’s musical style by taking some time out of your day and listening to “Poison Ivy” below!


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