Eric Parker

I’m always searching for the next person who’s going to inspire me to bump my work up to the next level.  When I look to musicians, they inspire me to reach new heights and make my work the best it can be, however, when I look to industry professionals, I notice my shortcomings and start to feel motivated and inspired to refine my skills.  One professional in particular, Eric Parker, sticks out to me as someone with the determination, compassion, and creativity to propel creatives’ careers forward while building lasting relationships with everyone around him.

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Parker’s entrance into the music industry started in grad school while he was studying at NYU Law School with a focus in entertainment and copyright law.  Parker’s knowledge of the industry grew until the point when he quit his corporate law job to manage Zachary Knowles.  Thank goodness he did, because if Parker hadn’t taken that leap, we might’ve never gotten the chance to listen to his clients’ work.  Parker has since started his own company, EP Music Group, and manages forward-thinking artists, producers, and songwriters like Peter Fenn, Sky McCreery, Suriel Hess, Tiagz, and Zachary Knowles.  You may recognize Parker’s clients from our previous instagram posts and playlists, but if you don’t, make sure to check them out!

When I caught up with Parker, I got the opportunity to learn a lot about his motivations in and outside of his work.  Guided by the mantra, “success is when preparation meets opportunity,” Parker understands that some pieces to the puzzle will never be in his control and that he needs to emphasize the pieces he can control to get the best possible result.  Parker implements this mantra especially when it comes to his clients.  His goals are to keep an open mind, consistently grow, and help people achieve their wildest dreams, all of which can be methods to focus on the attainable rather than the uncontrollable.

The Jacksonville, Florida native finds purpose in music and wants to encourage all children and adults to know that following a passion for work is a practical life decision.  He remarked, “life is too short to waste it doing something you don’t enjoy.”  I think Parker couldn’t have said it any better, I mean it’s the same reason that I’m writing this article right now and it could be the reason why you just did a double-take and read that sentence again.  

Get ready for Sunday when Eric Parker takes over Early Rising’s marquee playlist and presents a collection of artists you will not want to miss! 



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