Dante Oasis/ VHS Tapes

Making his impressive music and Early Rising debut, 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer, Dante Oasis, takes us on the nostalgic journey of growing up with his single “VHS TAPES.”

Hailing from Montclair, California, Dante has spent the last 10 years of his life fully immersing himself in the world of music. His initial interests were sparked when he began writing songs in the 8th grade and since then, Dante has acquired skills that allow him to have complete control of his music process. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Frank Ocean, Tobi Lou, & Travis Scott, Dante has created a unique sound for his music that does not confine to any genre.

The nostalgia often associated with VHS tapes is one many of us can relate to, reminding us of a time when we were just little kids living in this big world.  Dante was able to create a track that perfectly encapsulates that emotional experience. He explains:

“I wanted people to remember that we were all just kids at one point and for the most part still are but pretend not to be when we grow up due to responsibilities. Most of all it was a message to all my loved ones stating that all I’ve ever hoped for and ever will is for you to become the things that you always dreamed to be when you were a “kid” great Passion, forgiveness, growth, and love.”

Many of you may not know who Dante Oasis is yet, but I’m sure you will! Dante is an incredibly talented and driven musician who plans on releasing at least 7 singles as the year progresses. You can check out “VHS TAPES” down below or any streaming platform now 🙂


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