Poolfire / Raspberry Lips

“Raspberry Lips” is Poolfire’s second-ever single, and it’s an intriguing one. Building off his momentum from “Got a New Guitar, This Old One Never Stays In Tune”, Poolfire gives us a true outlook into the sound he’s meticulously crafted thus far in his bright young career. “Got a New Guitar, This Old One Never Stays In Tune” is an expeditious tune with emphatic drums and dynamic guitar strumming, all accompanied by an impressive voice. It’s groovy and melodious, a perfect introduction to Poolfire’s sprawling talent.

His newest release is an upbeat, soul-stirring hymn that expresses the coexistence of fear and hope as a relationship progresses. Poolfire conveys his heart through sincere passion and conviction in his voice, eventually leading to an insanely satisfying chorus. The track was featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds: Rock” playlist and is sure to turn many, many heads. The Amherst, Massachusetts-based artist will look to garner a broader following with the release of an upcoming EP, and he truly deserves all the recognition that will undoubtedly come his way in the near future. Feel free to follow Poolfire on Instagram @thisispoolfire and make sure to give the song a listen below!


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