Noreen Prunier

The sense of community that music is able to foster is one of the most rewarding parts of the industry, and Noreen Prunier is no stranger to its importance. The twenty-four year old has stacked up an astounding resume thus far, including previously working alongside renowned producer Busbee to now working at Wide Eyes Entertainment. Her success stems from her dedication, passion, and overall uplifting and supportive attitude towards the creatives she works with. 

Noreen’s pure devotion and assiduity is something you don’t come across often, and makes us that much more honored to announce her as this week’s guest curator.

With a mantra like, “Don’t take things too seriously, this is the music business. But it is a business, so don’t take things too personally”, Noreen offers the insight of a true leader and most importantly, a collaborator. Admiring the interdependence that the music business requires, Noreen promotes inclusivity and straightforwardness—currently, she is working with the Wide Eyes roster and is (as she so perfectly puts it) “taking them to the next level by finding artists for them to dig in with”. 

Noreen’s adage extends further than just talking the talk—her hopes for the future include continuing to impact the lives of creatives in the most effective way possible, while still remaining close to the song process. With a big heart, a great ear, and intuition anyone would be lucky to get to work with, Noreen’s greatest hope is for “people to feel like they felt a bit more connected to other creatives because of me.” And that’s something we love to celebrate here at Early Rising. 

Noreen is the definition of a trailblazer and we can’t wait to continue to watch her positive impact on other industry professionals and creatives alike. Be sure to stay tuned for Noreen’s curated picks for Volume 40 on 1/31!


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