emawk / highroad

You’ve seen emawk on our instagram page before, but today he’s making it onto our website for the very first time after releasing some music that is worth your complete attention. Ever since coming across his artistry back in 2018, I’ve been the biggest fan of the Brooklyn-based artist for many reasons. If I could make music, I have a short list of artists who I would draw inspiration from and emawk is most definitely one of them. Every single time I listen to his music, I am stricken with awe when it comes to the creativity and perfection that he adds to his art. I really can’t pinpoint which one of his songs is my exact favorite since every single one impacts me in a different way, but the dual release that just dropped today is a standout.

The two singles, “Highroad” and “Beads” fall in line with traditional emawk consistency as he’s fashioned two songs that stand alone as distinctly different masterpieces. The amount of care and intention that the Brooklyn-based artist puts into his music says so much about his meticulous nature and respect for the art form. In my opinion, regardless of what the numbers say, emawk is one of the most important artists out right now as his impact is felt with every release he brings forth.

What makes this day even better is that emawk and his team decided to drop a stellar music video for “Highroad” which adds more momentum to an already well put together rollout. The video hasn’t been out for that long, but I’ve already watched it a plethora of times. Accompanied by a group of dancers, emawk speaks his truth in this video in way that will resonate you instantly. The camera angles are nothing short of stunning, which is expected when you take into account the talent of the entire video/production team. I could honestly go on and on about emawk, but I’ll let you all be the judge of this one. I’ve attached the video down below, so give this one a listen and let us know what you think!


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