Kiddo Dust / Coastin [Premiere]

Doing what we do best over here at Early Rising, I, and the rest of our amazing team here, are endlessly trying to find the next wave of promising artists. That’s what I found when I first heard the seventeen-year-old out Connecticut, Kiddo Dust. A literal kid with a vision so clear, I couldn’t ignore it. With great pleasure, I’m beyond excited to premiere his brand new single “Coastin” featuring Musa. 

Pulling influence from the very popular emo rap we’ve seen blow up in the past year, Kiddo Dust is one of the few that have stood out to me. “Coastin” is a vibrant song with endless possibilities. Kiddo’s positivity shines over the crisp production and spacey guitar licks. His lyricism brings a sense of who he is as an artist, person and songwriter as a whole. Kiddo explains that this song is one that he truly believes showcases him and his potential all around.

“To me, Coastin is the perfect “driving with the top down” song. This song is really about making the most of life and preserving through more difficult times. No matter what you’re going through, there’s always an end of the road. Coastin is about navigating down this road and making the most of the journey. For people that haven’t heard my music before, I feel like Coastin is the perfect introduction to my style and direction as an artist.”

Potential. A word I’ve repeated over and over again throughout this whole article. But, honestly a word that best describes Kiddo at this point in his career. A promising development act that deserves a shot with some strong writers and producers. I truly believe that Kiddo Dust is on to something we’re craving right now. An artist that carries an optimistic attitude through all of his music. Seeing a bad situation, and raising you a positive outcome. Having been able to hear some of his unreleased music, I can confidently say that Kiddo Dust is a name you need to keep in the mix in 2021.


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