KidEyes / Come Down

Los Angeles based pop-rock duo KidEyes brings us back to times when we could actually gather and watch live music with the release of their new single “Come Down.”  The duo, comprised of Greg Cahn and Ben Epand, broke out all the stops on this one by delivering a colorful pop-rock gem with a touch of 90s flare.  The drums, played by Nik Hughes of Bush, provide a massive heartbeat to the track and the rest of the song is lined with humble hooks, warm guitar melodies and steady rock grooves, a direct result of Greg and Ben being products of the 90s and their childhood full of reckless abandon. 

KidEyes burst on to the airwaves in 2020 when their single “Ready to Go” hit #1 on KROQ Locals Only and they have been growing a cult fanbase ever since. With live music (hopefully) on the horizon I am even more excited to see how this group grows as both members are talented multi-instrumentalists with a history of tours, festivals and live performances. “Come Down” is just the latest addition to the KidEyes catalog full of nostalgic throwbacks reminiscent of the members favorite times in life. 

I am sure not a clairvoyant but if I had to predict the future I would say as soon as live music comes back KidEyes is going to be a name you hear quite often, so I suggest you start getting hip now.  There’s no doubt that the industry has been missing these live shows and KidEyes, who has performed at all of the local LA hotspots including School Night and even won over South Bay at KROQs Hermosa Beach Summer Smash, will be a performance I surely do not want to miss. There’s something about a room full of people jamming out to live music that’s being performed with real instruments that is completely unbeatable and I for one cannot wait. 

That said, not sure when any live music is coming back so in the meantime you should absolutely be streaming KidEyes on your platform of choice.  Their new single “Come Down” is available on all platforms so be sure to click the link below and follow @kideyesofficial on socials to stay up to date with the latest and greatest. Happy listening, friends! xx


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