Rozei / Chase

We constantly want to recreate ourselves and present the best version that there can be. Being forced into a box, or into a mold, is something we continuously attempt to avoid. We aren’t the same as we once were when we were children. This is because we are regularly changing, even if we don’t realize it.

21-year-old Carter Perkins, better known by his stage name, Rozei, is on the move for 2021, reimagining himself with his newest release, “Chase.” Rozei describes “Chase” as “the beginning of [him] showcasing [his] versatility as an artist.” The new track opens with fresh guitar riffs, instantly getting listeners into a groove. Standing at a mere two minutes and 19 seconds, “Chase” leaves listeners wanting more, in the best way possible.

Taking ahold of the steering wheel, Rozei is directing himself down his own path. “Chase” is different than previously released singles from Rozei, but still somehow fits in perfectly with his discography. This song makes listeners want to lean and rock with the music, getting lost for a moment of time. Not wanting to be held down to a specific mood or genre of music, Rozei breaks out of the shell. Hoping that the vibe of the track shows his adaptability, I believe that Rozei accomplishes exactly what he set out to do.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Juice WRLD and Iann Dior, Rozei is carving his way through the music industry and leaving a lasting mark. Be sure to check out the new track and let me know what you think.


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