Time and time again, we see artists pushing boundaries as they try to get out their latest ideas. For Garrett — or better known as Postcard Boy, the seed for making artistic masterpieces was planted long ago. Following the success of his recent releases like “Skydive” and “Picture Book”, Postcard Boy is building the foundation for what’s to come in the future. 

Luckily for us at the Early Rising team, we were able to catch up with Postcard Boy to ask him a few questions that everyone needs to know!

Brett: Let’s start off from the beginning. Tell me a little about where you grew up and how that had influence on who you are today.

Postcard Boy: I’m from Solana Beach, which is a small town in San Diego. San Diego had a huge influence on me. Starting in middle school, I started taking my GoPro out with my friends to film them surfing and stuff like that. Then as I progressed throughout high school, I started meeting more people and started working with surf and fashion brands – but yeah, I guess what influenced me the most was the beach.

Brett: Do you have a specific memory of what made you want to really pursue music?

Postcard Boy: I don’t know, I mean, I don’t have a specific memory because I kind of faded in and out of it. When I was in 5th and 6th grade, I was learning ukulele and guitar to play in talent shows. Then I started to edit surf videos to EDM and tried making my own electronic music for those surf videos around sophomore year of high school I have a relatively musical family for sure.

Brett: More than just a musician, you’ve proven to be quite the creative. From your music videos under the moniker phylm to your letters with the Junk Mail Club. Could you walk us through your process that goes into both mediums? 

Postcard Boy: Well I started phylm in 8th grade. It started as GoPro videos which you can still  see if you scroll all the way down on instagram, but the process is something I don’t really think about too much. I slowly got different influences and the visuals reflect that through the years. The visuals kind of come to me at random. 

Junk Mail Club was a project I’ve wanted to do for a while, but just got around to because I can get a  little  overwhelmed with social media. It allows for  more creative direction than a photo dump.

Brett: The music video for Picture Book is easily the most memorable video of 2020. Is there anything you learned about yourself during the filming of this video? And were there any challenges that were hard to overcome during the shoot?

Postcard Boy: The biggest challenge was how time consuming it was. We couldn’t actually shoot until sundown so the shadows didn’t mess up the shot, so my family and I would be cutting out pictures of me for hours on end before we could even start shooting. The process took months, but the final product had me really stoked.

Brett: Another thing that impresses me is how close you are with your fans. Specifically, the fans in your discord server. One thing that stood out to me was the channel “cooking-tips-for-garry-fool” where everyone drops recipes of their liking. Are there any recipes that you’ve incorporated into your diet or any that you’ve been meaning to try?

Postcard Boy: Someone dropped a banana bread recipe that looked pretty good, but honestly, I don’t really check into the discord that much anymore and that’s why I started doing Junk Mail Club

Brett: Lastly, what’s next for Postcard Boy?

Postcard Boy: Good question. I’m making a ton of music and hopefully it will be my first album or debut project. Nothing too concrete. I also have a couple short films written unrelated to Postcard Boy that I want to shoot.

If you’re excited for Postcard Boy’s future just like we are, make sure you catch up on his music at the link below!


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