Early Rising Volume 41 / Presented by Indify

The main focus at indify is that we’re working together to build a marketplace where artists can safely build their teams properly, whether that’s a funding partner, manager, distribution, digital marketing, legal or booking. Over indify’s five year history, the mission has stayed the same: indify helps artists be seen, get heard, and build their teams with the right people. The heart of indify’s business remains: using data to predict which artists will pop – focusing on metrics including stream-listener ratio and cross-platform growth. Both of these metrics grant indify the ability to identify artists on the cusp of breaking and then offer each artist the ability to build a team, cultivate their brand, and speed into the limelight.

The indify marketplace is a safe space where artists can find and vet potential team members, get proper guidance from industry professionals, and fundraise.  Simply put, the indify marketplace is where any independent artist can go to build their team, raise funding, acquire services, receive digitized offers and get paid. indify supports artists who want to protect themselves and their music as they look to build a lifelong career. At indify, the best work with the best.

The Indify collaboration playlist includes fifteen artists who are either current Indify users looking to build their team or Indify success stories who used the platform to grow their personal brand and the team behind it.  Read about them below!

Leah Kate

Words by Mike McVay

We’ve all had that one friend. The friend that you like a little more than just a friend, a friend that you wouldn’t mind ruining the friendship with… if you know what I mean. Well, Leah Kate has and she tells us all about it in her new hit single “F*ck Up The Friendship”. 

This week at Early, we were asked to write about our favorite artists on Indify’s roster. I decided to write about someone who’s no stranger to the spotlight as she’s been featured in Popular, Flaunt, Rolling Stone, and now our pages at Early Rising. Leah Kate is a bedroom pop singer that has taken over the internet and motivated hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of boys and girls to make the first move on their best friend. Discovered by Alexis Ohenian at Indify, Leah was already taking things into her own hands as an artist. She started to collect funding for her music via Reddit and used her infectious jams and magnetic personality to capture the eyes and ears of many industry professionals like Alexis. With the help of TikTok’s wildfire effect and Leah’s loyal fanbase, “F*ck Up The Friendship” has reached nearly 12 million streams on Spotify and continues to clear over 100k streams daily. 

Impress your out of touch friends when you show them “F*ck Up The Friendship” and if you’re feeling bold, tell your buddy you have a phat crush on them… or you could let the song play and Leah will do it for you. Hopefully they’ll get the hint. 😉 

Via Indify – raised funding by Reddit founder Alexis Ohenian via indify, the song is taking off via TikTok and is now streaming over 100k per day on Spotify with an engaged fanbase streaming her music consistently. 

Jess Benko

Words by Ben Kronenberg

Jess Benko is an enigma.  From her humble beginnings performing for Billie Eilish at a meet-and-greet to dominating the indie-pop scene, this rising talent has already experienced so much and learned to develop her artist project efficiently.  Her breakout hit, “A Soulmate Who Wasn’t Meant to Be,” perfectly illustrates the contrast between Benko’s delicate vocals and the powerful messages in her writing.  First appearing in a Billie Eilish appreciation group, this single got picked up by several YouTube pages and has not stopped growing since. After joining Indify, Benko connected with her management at ATG Group and her lawyer.

Via Indify– Helped to connect Jess with her management at ATG Group and a lawyer as well. This song was initially posted in a Billie Eilish appreciation group and was updated to The Worst Taste on YouTube where it absolutely took off, and has since translated to Spotify, growing everyday. 


Words by: Jordan Ward

Recently I’ve found that a majority of my favorite artists have a seemingly natural ability to create with a strong sense of honesty and transparency. I immediately connect with these kinds of artists because they truly make me feel understood, and make the world feel a little bit smaller. I’ve found that I have this particular feeling when listening to artist “Shrimp”, and seem that others have too. With a consistent and loyal fanbase, Shrimp is quickly becoming a voice for the people, writing songs that are brutally honest and raw at their core. With just one listen, I knew there was something special going on with this artist project, and found myself becoming an instant fan. With the world being as chaotic as it is these days, we all need to feel connected to something and understood. When listening to Shrimp, you feel just that. A comfort in the uncertainty of life, surrounded by a community of people just like you. I’m excited to see how Shrimp moves forward with his honesty in creativity this year, and I can’t wait to stream more new tracks from him!

Via Indify- Shrimp leveraged support from key YouTube channels like Astari, and cultivated an engaged fanbase that streams his music repeatedly (stream-listener ratio of 1.9)

Eric Doa

Words by: Sam Morrison

It seemed like Eric Doa came on to the scene out of nowhere. From the first moment I heard his music, it was apparent that this up and comer was going to be something special, and that was all due to his immense talent and ability to create amazing music which resulted in an active and engaged fanbase as well. If you haven’t taken time to check out his music, then you’re most definitely in for a surprising treat. Although he falls in line with the ever evolving hyper pop scene, Eric Doa has successfully created his own sound and identity that makes his easily distinguishable from other rising acts. Eric is quickly finding success and I have no doubt in my mind that he’s going to continue on that upward trajectory for the rest of his entire career. His 11 song project that dropped last year is a triumph and I advise anyone reading this to stop what you’re doing right now and stream it. Like I said, Eric Doa seemed to have come out of nowhere, but it’s safe to say that he’s here to stay and it’s about time we all take notice!

Via Indify- One of the hyper pop pioneers who’s taken the industry by storm, and has leveraged his sticky fanbase coming from SoundCloud (stream-listener ratio of 3) 


Matthew Rudas

This next artist is a 21-year-old, Australia-native, who goes by the name Chevy. Chevy is bringing to light a pastel-painted, rose-tinted, spring blossoming sound to the new year. After her sweet and cheeky, “UWU” gained momentum on Tiktok, the rising act entered into a partnership with Thrice Cooked Media to help foster her momentum and project her ever-so-sweet tracks to a larger crowd. Looking forward, Chevy is destined to paint your face with a smile as each release seems to be even more peachy than the last. With an emphasis on stripped production, gentle vocal takes, and most importantly, unbelievably delightful lyrics, it is a challenge to not adore a Chevy track. With the rather bleak-tint of the past year, the world has a high supply for the kind of music Chevy specializes in, the kind that can bring a soft light to the worst of days. On tracks like “Sweet Boi” and “UWU” all it takes is gentle ukelele and the vocal bliss of Chevy to change the course of a morning, a day, a month, even a year. There is no doubt in my mind that the world will soon find similar solace in the offerings of this special pastel popstar.

Via Indify- Facilitated a partnership with Thrice Cooked Media to help reach a wider audience of fans after her track “UWU” hit a niche on TikTok that’s taken the song to new heights. 

Mad Tsai

Words by: Meghan Brianna

Social media has provided a home and an escape for many. We can essentially create a new identity for ourselves on the internet, but we can also unapologetically be ourselves if we please. We can snap and post a picture in seconds. We can film a video and share it with friends and family in an instant.

TikTok has become the new, short-form version of YouTube. Where Justin Bieber was discovered for his covers on YouTube, a new era of content creators are emerging from TikTok. Amassing over one million followers on TikTok, singer/songwriter Mad Tsai has carved out a loyal, dedicated fan base with his content tailored to Gen Z. With the trials and tribulations of youth comes the point of figuring out who we are. Mad Tsai makes relatable content regarding sexual orientation, relationships, and life in general. Making a grand splash with his debut release, “Boy Bi,” Mad encapsulates the thoughts of many, with the opening line being, “When my friends ask me about my sexuality / I choke up and joke that the answer’s not easy.”

Crafting catchy, witty, relatable songs, Mad Tsai is an artist to keep watch of in this upcoming year.

Via Indify- With over 1m Followers on TikTok, Mad Tsai has used the platform to make relatable, Gen-Z focused content around sexual orientation, relationships and others.

Lillian Hepler

Words by: Sam Morrison

Before hitting the page of Early Rising, Lillian Hepler made an appearance on one of the early volumes of our mainstay playlist. She instantly grabbed our attention with her cutting edge vocals and stunning confidence. With a voice like Lillian’s, it is impossible to not pay attention and since stepping on the scene she has done an amazing job of growing into the promising talent that she has become. With a myriad of her songs surpassing a million streams on Spotify alone, this is a testament to her immense talent and re-listenability. Songs like “Easy” and “Nightmare” have solidified her as an artist who is not only up and coming, but defined. With her reliable following and dedicated fan base, Lillian is quickly becoming someone that we’ll be hearing about for years to come.

Via Indify- Lillian leveraged her 1.5m+ Followers on TikTok and huge presence on Instagram to post snippets of new music, which have created a viral spike around her latest release. She’s now streaming over 120k per day with a stream-listener ratio of 2. 

Two Time

Words by: Ben Kronenberg

Ontario-based rapper TwoTiime flipped the script on how to promote new music as a developing artist.  After joining Indify, TwoTiime built a bulletproof team and became one of the first artists to grow his audience on Fortnite via user-generated game montages featuring his music.  Twotiime carried this momentum through 2020 dropping a string of singles that afforded him a stream-listener ratio of 2.2 that immediately grew his fanbase across all social and streaming platforms.  Entering 2021 with speed, Twotiime dropped the most introspective bop in his collection titled “Slower.”  Leading a new era of Canadian hip-hop, TwoTiime is a new face that you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of in the near future.

Via Indify- Ontario, Canada-based rapper has leveraged the use of a great team and the Fortnite community to build an established fanbase that consistently returns to his pages across platforms. He has a stream-listener ratio of 2.2

Emmett Mulrooney

Words by: Samantha Short

Wisconsin native Emmett Mulrooney has given an entirely new meaning to the word entrepreneur. Investing in both himself and his fans via social media outlets, the 17-year-old indie pop artist has amassed a sizable following thanks to his savvy marketing skills and undeniably ear-catching discography. 

Forgoing traditional distribution methods, Mulrooney has revolutionized the zeitgeist to propel him to fame. After asking Gen-Z to serve as his “record label” via his TikTok account, the artist has amassed a large following on the video platform and beyond. After finding success with his singles “Bliss,” “IDC 4 TODAY” and “Sunset Wife,” the rising artist recently released a follow-track titled “Late Nights,” that has prevailed as being successful on Spotify and Apple Music alike. 

Imaginative in branding and motivated by growth, it is clear that Mulrooney’s meteoric rise will continue into this year and beyond. Listen to the artist’s music on all streaming platforms now!

Via Indify- Having gone viral on TikTok for asking Gen-Z to “be his record label”, the incredibly smart young entrepreneur is building a meaningful fanbase by way of creative content and consistent releases. 


Words by: Nathaly Pacheco

BAYLI is the embodiment of what it means to be a star. Her sound is a combination of impressively unique production and catchy melodies, that make it impossible to classify in any genre. Before BAYLI began her solo career, she was the frontwoman of the Brooklyn band, The Skins. Here, she began her career as an amazing songwriter and was later on mentored by industry legends, Justin Trantor and Rick Rubin. Since the launch of her solo career, BAYLI has received praise from multiple editorial outlets. The multifaceted musician currently has almost two hundred fifty-thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and her second single, “BOYS LIE” is close to reaching one million streams. BAYLI has already made a great name for herself and I’m positive that her bold and anthem-like music will continue to grow as time goes on.


Words by: Liam Clements

If you have ever been on Instagram or TikTok, there’s a solid chance you have already heard Yvng Chris’s hit song “Dip Remix”. The song has amassed over 400,000 listens on Spotify and has over 8000 videos on Tik Tok featuring his song. The original track was produced and made by Houston artist TisaKorean in 2018 and has since been remixed numerous times by various different artists.

On the track, Yvng Chris showcases elaborate flows and clever rhyme scheme. Despite the beat only consisting of a 2 bar arpeggiated synth, clap, snare and an 808, the flow he takes on the track provides the song with plenty of movement and variation. Yvng Chris’s ability to take a simple beat and create a such a catchy and captivating song shows testament to his capabilities as a rapper.

Yvng Chris also know as Christian Williams is an up and coming rapper out of Virginia. He has gained a large following of fans through social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram as both his song “Dip Remix” as well as “Did you know” ft TisaKorean have accumulated well over a million plays combined on Spotify and thousands of videos using the songs on TikTok and Instagram. Utilizing nearly every social media platform, Yvng Chris has built an incredibly sticky and engaged fanbase, by way of posting actively on TikTok, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. He streams 36k per day with a stream-listener ratio of 4.5

As he has only been releasing music since 2019, we can be sure to expect Yvng Chris much more to come from this talented young artist. Be sure to check out Yvng Chris’s song “Dip Remix” on Spotify on Spotify and follow him on Instagram @yvngxchriis

Via Indify– Utilizing nearly every social media platform, yvngxchris has built an incredibly sticky and engaged fanbase, by way of posting actively on TikTok, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. He streams 36k per day with a stream-listener ratio of 4.5


Words by: Mack Brown

Hojean is the all-star bedroom pop meets R&B artist you need to watch in 2021. His effortlessness to create tracks that offer a heightened authenticity that anyone can relate to is reflected in his constant increase of fans and listeners alike. The Georgia-based artist harnesses the ability to make any song a hit, thanks to his glittering guitars and smooth vocals. His persona is constructed of a lighthearted and deeply-honest energy that makes you (and everyone else) want to be his biggest fan. Kicking off 2021 with his latest single “weekends”,  Hojean offers nothing but a promising future, and we can’t wait to see his reach exponentially grow.

Via Indify– Partnered with Thrice Cooked Media to help reach a wider audience of fans internationally – after leveraging DIY marketing strategies across platforms to get his music in front of potential fans. 


Words by: Brett Friedman

Atlanta is a boiling pot of talent and has produced some of raps biggest stars. With the newest up-and-comer being SoFaygo. Creating a sound like no other, SoFaygo is on his own time. Since hitting the scene in 2019, the Atlanta rapper has been working closely with highly sought-after producer, Pierre Bourne, and has dropped two bodies of work with his most recent project, After Me, gaining serious traction in the industry. If touring was happening, SoFaygo would instantly rise to the top of my list on who to see next as his project is full of bangers and could energize the room in the blink of an eye.

SoFaygo’s future is looking bright, and with touring looking like a possibility in the fall of this year, you’ll definitively be able to find me in a crowd of his when he comes to LA.

Via Indify– Between the release of his latest project After Me and his Lil Tecca-produced hit “Knock Knock” going viral on TikTok, SoFaygo is poised to blow up, streaming over 150k per day with a stream-listener ratio of 4.2. 

That Kid

Nathaly Pacheco


Via Indify- Blending hyperpop with PC music, That Kid has leveraged co-signs, really unique music and a great team to build an incredibly strong fanbase early on. He has a stream-listener ratio of 1.9.

Henry Verus

Words by: Nathaly Pacheco

After using TikTok as a tool to further connect with his fans and tease his new single, “Your Guilty Pleasure,” Henry Verus has exploded both on the app, and in the music scene. The 17-year-old R&B artist hailing from Chicago gives off a level of maturity and wisdom that is well beyond his years. After listening to “Your Guilty Pleasure” for only a couple of seconds I was completely taken aback. Every component of the track, from his raw vocals to the smooth production is unlike anything I’ve ever heard.  Since “Your Guilty Pleasure” was first released, Henry’s jumped in streams on the track from 5k per day to over 140k per day consistently, with very high ratios.


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