Dania / Cardamom Tea

Maintaining relationships sometimes comes at the cost of your own peace. And sometimes when you’re at the breaking point it’s easiest to put the blame on yourself. Syrian-Croatian-American artist Dania holds up the mirror in her now buzzing hit song “Cardamom Tea”.

For 3 minutes and 41 seconds Dania makes her listeners face the difficulties that come with any relationship. “If I was worth it you would’ve stayed” she sings in a soft, melodic manner almost speaking as your own inner conscious. Dania is no stranger when it comes to tugging at her fans’ emotions. Her entire discography, composed of “Mala” and “Am I Not”, carries a consistent theme of facing your own self obstacles.

As of now “Cardamom Tea” has been streamed more than 300,000 times on Spotify and with support of her team and strong faith us at Early Rising have no doubt that we’ll be seeing (and hearing) much more from Dania these upcoming months. But for now enjoy the subconscious feelings Dania and her moving visual for “Cardamom Tea”. 


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