Good Health Good Wealth / Love Hangover (Official Video)

As we continue to expand our reach and explore different styles of music, a London-based duo makes it onto our page today for an immensely impressive offering. If you haven’t heard of Good Health Good Wealth, then now is your chance to latch on to an act that will create an ambience of nostalgia for you from the moment you take a listen to their music.

Their latest song, “Love Hangover” is nothing short of great as its high energy and an all around good time. The duo, made up of Bruce and Simon have an unbelievable amount of talent and it’s completely highlighted in this offering. From the groovy production all the way to the vocals, the song is just great. What makes it even better is the music video that dropped a little over a week ago. If views give you any indication of quality, then, this video has to be up there. In only 1 week it has almost 45,000 views which is killer!

I love this song/video and I’ve attached a link down below for you to check out! Enjoy!



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