SG ALI / Drank On The Block

SG ALI is an artist who everyone should know about right now; and I say that sentence with the utmost seriousness. I caught wind and heard about the up and comer a few months back, and since then, I’ve been overly eager to see what the up and comer was going to cook up for us. Today, she makes her early rising debut for her song/video called, “Drank on The Block”; An offering that is bound to leave you impressed and smiling from ear to ear. I texted the management who is behind this artist project and I let him know that this piece is just one that makes me happy. There is an honest and hardworking energy that’s ever so present and it’s just a testament to the artist that SG ALI is.

Born and raised in the storied Cabrini-Green projects of Chicago, music quickly became a positive outlet that SG could turn to when her surroundings weren’t always the most ideal. At only 10-years-old, the Housing projects that she grew up in her whole life were being torn down right in front of her eyes. Most people read about that stuff in the papers but SG lived it, which is what allows her music to exude the transparent and honest energy that it does. Finding peace and solace in being able to express her truth into songs, SG began taking her music to the next level, which brings us to the stellar art that she’s creating today.

“Drank on the Block” is nothing short of a banger. From the perfect production to SG’s vocal tone and flow, this one comes together in a way that needs to be celebrated. Within this offering, SG ALI creates a space for people who have similar experiences to her, while also welcoming new followers and listeners to hear her story for the first time. It’s an all around win for me on this one and I’m hype for ya’ll to check it out. I’ve attached the Youtube link down below, so give this one a spin and let us know what you think!


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