Otis Kane / Without You

Los Angeles native, Otis Kane, never misses a beat when it comes to dropping fresh singles. Always on-brand with his nostalgic-sounding records, Kane returns with his newest piece “Without You.” Bringing slow dance vibes to 2021, this song will make you want to gel your hair full of pomade and hit the local diner with your significant other to chat the night away.

“Without You” checks off all boxes when it comes down to the criteria of what makes a nostalgic record. The single is simple to its core, but full of smooth and sultry feelings that are inescapable throughout the duration of this lustful single. Reminiscent of Leon Bridges and Sam Cooke, Otis Kane follows suite by opening up on this beautiful neo-soul track to create a modern-day blues ballad.

With music dating back only to 2019, Otis Kane may seem relatively new, but is already a veteran in the genre. Reaching nearly 111k monthly listeners on Spotify, each listen is deserved as Otis Kane is known for orchestrating all of his music and having one of the best work ethics in the game. Although he doesn’t have a huge discography, Kane is gaining momentum and building recognition quickly as one of the hottest emerging R&B artists out of LA.

If you haven’t heard of Otis Kane, don’t worry, you’re not late, but just on time.


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