THE BLOSSOM / Hardcore Happy

Eclectic at their core and irresistibly cool, today Lily Lizotte, better known as THE BLOSSOM, is indulging us with their latest single “Hardcore Happy”. Creating a sonic palette that follows no boundaries, the track pulls inspiration from pop and alternative tropes with grunge flairs. Only just starting the project last year, THE BLOSSOM is everything you could wish for in your new favorite artist—they’re stylistically diversified in a fashion that gives you the best bits of a multitude of genres, but with a verve and boldness you can’t find anywhere else. 

Restless in a way that feels relatable, the 23-year-old told us, “‘Hardcore Happy” is all [of] my chaos in the form of a strong, warm hug. Counting days in my sleep and hoping for something more. Everything I am and everything I wish I was—it’s a hybrid of everything I’m influenced by sonically and emotionally.” Evoking an exhileration that stems from the track’s fluctuations, “Hardcore Happy” possesses the ability to be an anthem for anybody, fitting into THE BLOSSOM’s ambition to create music their fans can feel like they can claim for themselves. Simply put, it’s audacious, vibrant, and precarious, yet somehow flawlessly makes sense—akin to uncharted sonic territory that THE BLOSSOM now claims full real estate of.

Pulling you into the eccentric world that is THE BLOSSOM, the music video serves as a depiction of their innermost emotions—their expressivity feels like a tangible conveyance of release you can feel through the screen. Authentically themself, THE BLOSSOM lays it all out on the table and we’re anxiously waiting for more. Check out “Hardcore Happy” below!


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