Ben Chandler / Transitions EP

Look no further for the perfect collection of songs for your weekend soundtrack. 22-year-old Florida-based artist, Ben Chandler, is a powerhouse that you need to have on any and all playlists. Often when I’m scrolling through releases, there will rarely be something that sticks out, but “Transitions” had me instantly hooked.

Including previously released “Strawberry Candy,” “Red Line,” “Addicted 2 U,” and “Stoned,” this five-track EP also features a new addition, “Let You Go.” Each song feels as though it could be a perfect standalone song while fitting together so seamlessly with the others. If you could steal the words from my mouth and hold my tongue, then you would be doing exactly what “Transitions” has done. Beautifully written, expertly produced, this is an EP that I could listen to forever with no intention to skip a single song.

Chandler describes the creative process behind “Transitions” as “a huge learning experience and stepping stone for me as an artist. It feels like my first transitioning phase into becoming the artist I’ve wanted to be.” This EP could be fused to a beach house party or a simple kickback. I believe that “Transitions” will soon accompany the soundtrack to people’s lives.

If I can recommend you listen to one new release this weekend, I will wholeheartedly vouch for Ben Chandler’s “Transitions.” Listen to the superb new project down below, and let me know your thoughts!



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