Zekey / Luv Story

Every once in awhile I hear a rendition of a hit song that just…works.  This time around 21-year-old Williamsburg native, Zekey blessed our ears with a smooth, easy listening record titled “Luv Story” which offers a contrasting perspective to Taylor Swift’s original “Love Story.”  Zekey’s approach to the song was reimagining the narrative from the perspective of Romeo, guided by smooth guitar and downtempo drums channeling Zekey’s ability to not only swoon us with his irresistible vocals but also surprises listeners with his rapping and lyrical flow.  

Zekey is creating a lane of his own by crossing genre lines and delivering an elegant and almost euphoric piece that completely restructures the country pop song into an alternative-indie-hiphop-bedroom hybrid that is remarkably unique. His ability to take a perspective and completely flip it while staying true to the story that T.Swift created is a testament to his writing and ability to truly paint a narrative that comes alive in listeners heads. For Zekey, this song represents a new chapter – a vulnerable leap that he wasn’t always confident in making – 

“This song means the world to me, it was the first song I wrote and recorded when I reinvested in myself […] It was also the first time I really had a song that just sort of came out naturally, and took me to where it wanted to go, opposed to me taking the reins. It shows a softer side of myself”

“Luv Story” has me craving more music from the talented up and comer and I am hoping that there is more on the way very soon. Zekey, if you’re reading this…you’re on your way, kid.  Be sure to keep up with all things Zekey and give “Luv Story” a listen via the links below. xx


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