Indie-rock songstress Madeleine Mayi recently released her debut album, 2/14, on all streaming platforms. The project was released on Valentine’s Day, a pivotal date in Mayi’s personal history, as this week marks the anniversary of Mayi losing two of her loved ones.

2/14 serves as a commentary on grief in its rawest form: the work begins with “smoke,” a brooding rock song in which Mayi details the frustration that comes with loss. The project is rounded out by, “here,” a lo-fi indie/folk track that conveys Mayi’s internal strength as she decorates the track’s ethereal instrumentals with the hook, “I’ll always be here.” 

Mayi notes, “My music isn’t sad to be sad. It’s challenging–because life is challenging. This record is not supposed to be a wallowing experience; it’s supposed to hurt and heal. The last song on the record called ‘here’ is a message from the person that is gone—saying ‘I’ll always be here.’ So this is not just a story about everything being taken away—it’s about what love and hope you can find after losing something.”

Through her sincere writing and expressive vocals, Mayi injects a sense of hope into even some of her darkest moments. Mayi’s 2/14 serves not only as an artful recount of loss, but as an intimate depiction of recovery.

Check out the project below and on all streaming services.


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