Dania / Slow

Dania’s songwriting reaches stunning heights in “Slow”. Her first release of 2021, the pensive single follows on from the success of “Cardamom Tea”—her self-proclaimed sad girl roots hitting particularly in the pandemic era. In “Slow”, the singer-songwriter crafts a smooth melody, intimate lyrics poring over feelings of angst and nostalgia whilst evoking a layered soundscape.

For the Syrian-Croatian-American artist, her latest single is an opportunity for exploration as her sound matures. Inspired by the Arab melodies of Fairouz, soulful art-pop sounds of Lana del Rey, and the jazz of Billie Holiday, these influences shine through in her poignant release.

“Slow” is entwined with both introspection and progress: “’Slow’ is a lowkey petty song I wrote about the guy I was working with on a school music project years ago. He had dumped me and I had no idea how to communicate my emotions with words, so I just subtweeted him for a minute,” Dania tells us, “I rediscovered the song recently and updated it with my more mature sound and music experience.”

Listen to her new single below and keep an eye out for the rising artist.


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