Jesswar / Medusa (official music video)

If your Monday got off to a sluggish start like mine did, then I’ve got the perfect antidote for you. Jesswar’s “Medusa” might be the hardest offering you indulge in all month and the evidence is easy to find in both the song and the video. Before one of my stellar curators put me on to this artist, I was unaware of this up and comer, but from the moment I took a listen to her music, I was hooked. 

Hailing from Gold Coast, Australia, Jesswar is a 25-year-old who started making music when she was around the age of 13-14. Its safe to say that the little star never looked back as her passion for music early on has materialized in an amazing artists presence that is too good to ignore. Writing and producing all of her stuff, Jesswar has found herself mastering her sound and style which is what we get to celebrate today! 

Her latest song/video, “Medusa” is an action packed piece that will make you sit up from the moment you press play. From the hard-hitting production all the way to Jesswar’s infectious energy, there’s just no way you can watch this and not say “Wow”. This whole entire rollout is breathtaking and that’s really all I can say. I’ve attached the video down below, so give this one a watch and let us know what you think!


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