Kailen / weekend

One thing I love about the internet and streaming age is that we can find music from anywhere around the world. More recently I stumbled upon Kailen, a Melbourne, Australia based emo-rap artist that uses relatable punch lines and melodic hooks to capture his audience.

Debuting a new upbeat sound, Kailen comes in hot with “weekend”. Normally an artist that uses slow paced melodic beats, Kailen switches it up on this track with a fast pasted trap beat, showing his versatility. The 18 year old has plans to visit the U.S.A. when COVID-19 is less of a worry to collaborate with his American “internet friends”.

Be sure to check out Kailen’s short but sweet catalogue, and give us a follow on Instagram to stay early on all of your new favorite songs.


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Mike McVay
Growing up in a suburb less than an hour outside of Pittsburgh, PA, I've spent plenty of time building and learning about the music industry via the internet. Currently managing a Hip-Hop producer group, Witdaheatgang, based out of Pittsburgh and taking care of marketing/promotions for a handful of great artists. I like to hang out with rappers in my free time when I'm not focusing on my own ridiculous endeavors.