Asi Kemera / honey bb

Dreams are often fake, but Asi Kemera is very real and extremely dreamy. Her newest piece “honey bb” could be the smoothest and dreamiest of her singles to date. Nearly doubling your serotonin levels after only one listen, adding this song to your morning routine is only going to make your day better.

Being a singer, songwriter, and producer from Atlanta, 20-year-old Asi Kemera pulls influence from all directions. With such a rich background and incredible talent around instruments, Asi chooses to bounce around from R&B sounds to Ethiopian rhythms as she flaunts her sonic diversity.

In “honey bb,” Asi Kemera links up with Seiji Oda to create one of the smoother jams youll here this week. Providing a warm and fuzzy soundscape, Seiji describes this song best with his lyrics “always got my head in the clouds” which is exactly how this song hits after each listen. Along from the lyrics, the soothing drums and wavy synths are placed perfectly bringing the single full circle.

Accompanying the record is a fun, DIY style music video to match the energy of the duo. Mixing the likes of Microsoft Paint and iMovie, this video adds to the charm of Asi Kemera and sheds light on her creative direction. With only two singles and an EP from Asi, the world awaits for her next offering.


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