Hard Car Kids / Dream Cruise

Nothing compliments each other more than cars and music you can vibe to. Today I’m super excited to write at Detroit’s ragtag team of kids who I imagine drive vintage BMWs and Chevy Novas, the Hard Car Kids. An appropriate name for the crew of 6 that were born and bred in the motor city. Today they’ve released their first collaborative EP, “Dream Cruise”.

When I say this whole project is a vibe, I’m being dead serious. There’s not a single track that doesn’t warrant an ‘add’ on your “Late Night Drive” playlist. Members Charlie Burg, Munch, Stoop Lee, Austenyo, Leo Pastel, Jacob Sigman all came together by fate. One night after an Ashe show, the 6 came together for an impromptu jam session that turned into the absolute definition of artistry when swapping verses and trading measures formed into real songs. 

The chemistry is undeniable and I’m so so happy “Dream Cruise” and the Hard Car Kids came across my radar. Be sure to give this on a listen through and show love to the 6 musical magicians. Give us a follow too to stay early on all your new favorite music!


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