Ryan Pulford / Crashing

As I write more and more articles about the music that I love, I’m starting to realize that every artist’s journey is as unique as their sound, their perspective on life, and their motivations to continue down the road that he/she/they set out on.  The story of Ryan Pulford is one that, at first glance, seems typical, however, once I started to pull back the layers, I noticed his individuality and shock factor starting to emerge.  Then I put on my headphones and realized that Pulford is nothing like anyone I’ve ever listened to before.  He’s intentional, wildly talented, and captivating in a way that I believe will transform beautifully once live music returns.

After getting his start behind the scenes writing and producing for his future mentors, A R I Z O N A, Pulford continued refining his craft while starting to develop his own artist project.  As Pulford launches into 2021, one thing is clear: he knows exactly what he is doing and nothing will stand in the way of this rising artists’ success.

This morning Pulford made his first move in 2021, establishing himself as one of the artists on the top of my watchlist for the year.  He released “Crashing,” a wildly addictive record that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.  The first time I heard “Crashing,” the early thoughts that came to my mind were that this song is elegant and simple.  It took me about five more listens to fully understand the gravity of “Crashing” from all angles and I still can’t decide what I like the most.

Pulford’s writing shines as the focal point of this record. The upbeat yet subtle production compliments his writing in ways that intensify the overall effect of the record without overpowering Pulford’s message.  His delivery showcases incredible range, demonstrating how Pulford can weave feelings of ecstasy and introspection into his music so seamlessly that you probably wouldn’t catch on unless you’re looking for it.  After dissecting this record and examining all of its individual parts, my initial reaction pointing towards simplicity could not be further from the truth.  “Crashing” is fast, slow, light, heavy, aggressive and reserved all at the same time.  Pulford fuses these elements into a single cohesive song that makes a statement unlike anything I’ve heard thus far.  

There is much more than meets the eye with Ryan Pulford.  Check out “Crashing” below and make sure to keep tabs on Pulford as this is merely the beginning of a momentous year.


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