Brendan Bennett / SAME DAMN SONG

Most of the time when life is go, go, go, we’re able to keep our focus on what’s in front of us, rather than what we went through to get to that point. Taking a stroll down memory lane is usually distressing in some way, shape, or form. It can be painful to pull a memory forward when it’s usually covered for a reason.

Brendan Bennett’s newest track, “SAME DAMN SONG,” takes listeners through Bennett’s past trauma, confronting the affliction. With the recent influx of pop-punk revival, “SAME DAMN SONG” continues driving home that forefront. Upbeat, and infectious, the production leads listeners away from diving into the meaning behind the lyrics upon their first listen. Produced by Bensbeendead., “SAME DAMN SONG,” is a song that demands to be replayed over and over. A lyric that stands out to me is, “It’s honestly exhausting and all my friends are annoyed / ‘Cuz everyone in my life is all convinced it’s a choice.” Although Bennett is speaking from personal experience, I find myself making connections to the song in my own way.

Stay updated with Brendan Bennett ahead of the release of his upcoming album, “DID I DREAM THIS LIFE OF MINE?” This is the perfect song to accompany a Wednesday and to get you through the remainder of this week.


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